O Come All Ye Faithful Chord Solo

Here’s a chord solo of O Come All Ye Faithful.  In the future I’ll probably add chord forms on other string sets for many of these, but in the beginning, it’s easiest to begin with a single string set to really get the reps to learn where the notes and chords are.  My intention is always to promote reading.  This is really good practice for playing guitar out of a fakebook or off of a lead sheet.  In the future, I’ll explain more about how to put any melody note on top of any chord.

In this one, you’ll notice that each “first occurrence” of a chord/melody combination has an asterisk under it.  Simply match the note/chord combo with the corresponding shape.  The more tunes you learn to read this way, the more you’ll be able to play out of songbooks, fakebooks and lead sheets, without anyone else’s help in arranging them or figuring out where the chords or notes are.  Here’s the pdf.o_come_all_ye_faithful_001o_come_all_ye_faithful_002