What a Beautiful Name

I’m very grateful to have gotten the number of views on Youtube which this video has generated so far.  I’ve had a few folks ask for tab, but I can’t post tabs of the entirety of this one, due to copyright issues.  For today, I’m posting this first draft of a chord page based on the chords I used (mostly) on this video.  I’ve already noticed a couple of places where they’re different.  So, I’ll try to update this week, if I have time.  This first page covers the shapes used in the first verse and chorus mostly.

I’ll try to post a second page to cover the “instrumental” section and the bridge and later, update this one for corrections.  I’ll also post a video talking through some of the chord shapes and my approach to playing it. Thanks so much for checking out this video, for subscribing and for all of the gracious comments.

God bless!