Items Needed for Guitar Classes and Lessons

  • Appropriately sized guitar.  (Please talk to Matt before purchase if you’re about to buy one.  Thanks!)
  • A folding guitar foot rest like this one from amazon…. or make your own from 2X4’s using these instructions: .  See the video below on “Posture and technique”.
  • A contact tuner like the Snark ….or a downloadable app with your smartphone or tablet. Use the video below on “Tuning the Guitar”.
  • A 3-ring binder for your music.
  • You also need to eventually get a folding stand to hold your music at home (and for group classes, if applicable).  Something like this hamilton stand.

Other items:

  • A practice reminder app like “Streak” set to daily reminders of 5 minutes with a secondary “streak” goal of 30 minute sessions 5-days-per-week.
  • A metronome app.  You can, of course, purchase a metronome as a separate piece of hardware for this as well.
  • A pack of 12 or more soft guitar picks.  I like the red Dunlop Tortex picks for beginners, because they’re color-coded by thickness and basically unbreakable, but my female students always hated their lack of aesthetic appeal.  🙂  Anyway, get something soft, and get enough of them. By the time you lose #20, you’re finding #1 again.  Or at least you’re  ready to start looking under car seats and couch cushions.  🙂  72-pack here.
  • Long-term: A guitar stand.  These are cheap, but I know there are a lot of other items up front.  This one is very important for your long-term motivation to practice.  You will practice more if it’s out.  You don’t practice as much if you have to unpack/repack the thing every time.  If you have destructive siblings or animals, get a wall hanger.  It’s also beneficial to the health of acoustic instruments to have them out of the case in warm weather.  Too much humidity is a problem in summer months.  In the same way, in winter, they need to be in the case for humidity.  Speaking of which…
  • A guitar humidifier – for acoustic guitars especially.  These are dirt cheap.  Try to have one of these in your case by the time you start turning on the heater in the winter.  When you’re lips and hands get dry, you need to humidify your guitar as well.  Re-wet once per week or as needed.  There’s a guitar-equivalent to an automotive oil change, it’s humidity care.  (By the way, re. hot cars, treat your guitar like a child or pet.  Don’t ever leave it in a car longer than you would leave a dog in hot months.  Take it in the restaurant if you have to.)

Video on tuning the guitar:

posture and technique: